CFA Institute - CFA Charterholder Badge

The CFA Institute recently contacted all our firm's CFA charterholders to let them know they could "claim" a CFA Charterholder Badge, which they could then display within their work email signature block or on their professional networks like LinkedIn. Given that we're an SEC-registered adviser, and recognizing the sensitivities and ambiguities surrounding the use of social media and potential endorsements/testimonials, I wanted to pose a question to the group of whether or not you would allow those employees with the CFA designation to display this badge? Currently, we allow our employees to include their CFA designation in their signature block, in the format of "John Smith, CFA," and personally, I view this as any other professional designation, be it the attorney's "esquire" or the IACCP. However, given this is a 'stamp of approval' of sorts from the CFA, I could see where there could be some unintended interpretation. Thoughts?
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