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As I look at the pile of new class action mail today, I am wondering how the rest of you handle class actions? Do you have a service to assist you in responding, do you trash them, do you throw them in a file to never peruse again? Just curious....if you do use a service - what has been your experience?


  • We use Chicago Clearing for those clients that opt-in for the service. We have been happy with them so far. The charge for the service is a contingency fee of 20%, which is subtracted from any award settlement the client receives. There are no fees for filings which do not result in an award. We (my firm) receives no compensation for this.

  • We use a similar service from Broadridge. Same fee structure as Chicago Clearing.


  • We use Battea. The fee structure is the same, 20% of any award settlement.

    Greg Anderson

  • We use Chicago Clearing as well.

  • I would strongly suggest that you not ignore the class actions - managers have been sued for failing to file claims in class actions settlement on behalf of their clients.
    My company also uses a service, Financial Recovery Technologies, but we pay an annual fee for the service; however, I would like to switch to a % of recovery payment.

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    Does anyone file them electronically on behalf of their clients and if so do you have them sign something authorizing you to file on their behalf?

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    Chicago Clearing files electronically. A principal source of their data comes
    from Advent. They collect data on an on-going basis and also extract several
    years' worth of historical data from which they construct their filing reports,
    so no paper is needed - they know for whom claims should be filed and simply
    do it. They tell me they can often file successful claims long after the deadline
    has passed.

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  • Does anyone have a class action policy they would be willing to share?


  • Our firm is also very happy with Chicago Clearing.

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