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Good morning. If anyone has studied/passed this designation exam can you please shed some light on how and what you used to study? I find this exam to be difficult to prepare for and the materials offered by NRS are plentiful but there is no real direction on how to prepare. I would be most appreciative of any guidance, suggestions, insight.

Thank you.

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    I just obtained the IACCP in March of this year and I felt the same way. There are some quizzes to take on www.quizlet.com. These were extremely helpful for me. The other thing that worked for me was to go through the core reading material, take notes and then re-read/memorize those notes.

    I wish you luck! The test is difficult and they don't tell you the what % you need to pass, so that definitely caused me anxiety!

    You are going to do great!!

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  • I am studying now as well and have the exam scheduled in February so any insight would be most helpful.

    Thank you for seeking assistance.

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  • Quizlett worked best for me

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  • My assistance took the test recently also. She did pay for the practice test and the extra study session. She thought it was beneficial. Something to consider if you or your company is willing to pay for it.

    FYI – the one short practice test she took and paid for ended up being the same test for free at www.quizlet.com.

    On thing she suggested I mention though is early in the spring there was talk about them changing the test and it was delayed. If it did change, not sure if the test quizzes would still be a good representation of the test itself.

    Good luck!!

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  • I obtained the IACCP a couple of years ago and found the test to be very challenging. You're not required to memorize or reference specific Rule numbers, but definitely know the gist of each and how they are applied. As I recall, there were a few short case studies. Be prepared to specify the compliance issues in those. I suggest focusing on the Advisers Act study materials NRS provides--a lot, I know!-more specifically, with regard to SEC registration, circumstances that constitute custody and conflicts of interest, and compliance program requirements.

    Good luck!!!

    Maria Rolph
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  • I found the NRS practice exam course to be very useful when I took the exam a few years ago.

    The IACCP test is hard. The setting is hard. The test is taken at testing center where you are with many people taking different tests on different areas.

    The plus is that when you hit "finish" button at the end of the exam, it tells you right away if you passed or failed. I admit that I paused for a bit deciding whether to press the button.

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