SEC's position on custody where advisor has disbursement authority for like-registered accounts

We have been made aware by several custodians that the SEC has recently interpreted custody to include situations where the Advisor is given authority to move money between their client's identically registered accounts held at various custodians, resulting in deficiency letters to several Advisors. Previously, custody was invoked where Advisors made disbursements to third parties, this interpretation seems to broaden that definition. Does anyone have a copy of the deficiency letter that was sent out by the SEC or any more color on this issue?

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  • Tanya-

    I was advised by counsel that Schwab, Pershing (possibly others) and the IAA are working to seek guidance from the SEC. Identically registered accounts have been a long standing no custody principle. We are waiting for SEC guidance before taking any action.


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  • Please keep me in the loop, would love any and all updates you have.

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    IAA and Fidelity are also working together to get better guidance We agree the standing instructions issue does not fall under the custody rule.

    Keep us all in the loop if there should be an update on this.

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