Cybersecurity Training Vendor recommendations

Could anyone recommend on-line cybersecurity training vendors that would hopefully be accepted by the SEC and NFA?

Thank you,
Dallas Main
Polaris Investment Partners, Inc.


  • We use Wombat Technologies and have been pleased. They also assist us with phishing exercises. Very well done.

  • We use Ashland Partners. They are very good.

    Mena Bielow-McAfee
    305.448.8882 x 207

  • I would recommend Ataata, a relatively new company with very clever and user friendly short training videos. The CEO is Michael Madon, formerly with the FBI and very knowledgeable. You can feel free to use my name.

    Linda Lerner
    Crowell & Moring LLP
    590 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10022

  • A number of our clients use KnowBe4 ( and have been very pleased. They offer ongoing training, and also ping participants from time to time with fake emails to test their awareness.

    Betsy Rathz
    Horrigan Resources, Ltd.
    (724) 934-0129
  • We use Securing the Human. We tested a few different vendors and this one is pretty user friendly. They have ongoing training employees complete online (listen to a short presentation and then answer some questions) and phishing tests as well.

    Robin H. Butler
    Chief Compliance Officer
    (919) 933-4004 Main | (919) 933-4048 Fax | (919) 869-8072 Direct
    301 W. Barbee Chapel Road, Suite 200 | Chapel Hill, NC | 27517 |

  • We use Intrinium for penetration and vulnerability audits as well as social engineering tests:

    Sarah Miller
    Chief Compliance Officer

    2700 S. Southeast Blvd., Suite 205
    Spokane, WA 99223
    Phone: (509) 456-2526 or (800) 826-9803 extension 21
    Fax: (509) 456-2550

  • We use Ascendant Compliance. They did an awesome job!!


    Aaron D. De Angelis, CPA
    Spring Mountain Capital, LP
    650 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor
    New York, NY 10022
    212-292-8301 (fax)

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